Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Did you miss it?

If you used to recieve updates via email here at The Daily Cupcake and want to recieve them from The Daily Landscape this is what you need to do... Click on this link www.thedailylandscape.blogspot.com Once you get to the new blog, scroll down a bit and on the right hand side is a box for you to type your email address into. Do that, and like magic you should receive an email each time we put up a new one. If you don't receive an email Monday-Friday after doing this, please let me know, the next update will be tomorrow at noon. Thanks and keep in touch!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The big day!

Just in case you haven't heard yet, Scott's new blog is up and running! You'll find it at www.thedailylandscape.blogspot.com Please come on over and follow us there, as this is the last post on The Daily Cupcake. Thanks everyone, it's been a slice! I think I've fixed the link, hopefully it will work now!