Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cupcake #131 **sold**

It's funny how after posting over 130 cupcakes they can still have distinct personalities! This one just makes me smile, in sort of a six year old's birthday party kinda way! Simple red and yellow, primary colors, with a couple of slices of strawberry on top. The background has subtle polka dots to mirror the big ones in the cup. We are off to The Bayou City Arts Festival in Houston, TX this morning. No cupcakes at that show, I'll be there with my work instead, if you're not familiar with what I do, take a look at I will still be posting a cupcake each day, but like this morning the time will be much more random. And I won't be able to check emails again until the end of the day, so they may be sold before I get a chance to mark them as such. But as always it's first come first serve, so good luck!

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