Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cupcake #198 **sold**

Today's cupcake, I've been told, is an amaretto pineapple cupcake. That sounds perfectly wonderful to me! The top is sliced off, and a layer of pineapple spread in the middle, then topped with cream and more pineapple. The colors in this piece are very subtle, perfect if you want a cupcake, just not one that is too frou frou, or girly! A great choice for the more traditional kitchen, or even the office!
Today we are starting a new promotion at The Daily Cupcake! It's tell a friend week! Until Friday June 25th, if you tell a friend about this site, and they buy a cupcake, you will get $20 off your next cupcake. Just make sure they mention your name when they email me to purchase. Remember to look back in the archives, there are some great ones that have been missed back there! We're looking forward hearing from you!

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