Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cupcake #277 **sold**

Cupcake #277 is topped with a thick swirl of cream cheese icing and a flash of chocolate drizzle. The cake itself is chocolate, sitting in a simple paper cup. The background is deep brick red, changing to a burgundy in the shadow. Warm autumn colors, yum!
The daily cupcake is going to have to take a bit of a break, as we are going on a quick art tour. We're heading to New York City this week, as Kathrine will be in the Gracie Square Art Show on the upper east side of Manhattan on October 2nd and 3rd. Then up to Cape Cod, where Scott will be doing a gallery talk about his Mediterranean Boat Series at the Calhoon Museum of American Art in Cotuit on Tuesday Oct 5th. If you are in the area his show is up until October 30th. Then we may or may not be continuing our stay in Greenwich, Connecticut. Kathrine is on the waiting list for the Bruce Museum show the following weekend, we are just waiting for a phone call to let us know if she's in. So long story short, we don't really know when we'll be back, so keep checking in. We'll post along the way to keep you all in the loop! If you use Facebook, you can follow our progress through Scott's Cupcakes page, so when you find it, like it! And we'll be in touch

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