Monday, November 30, 2009

Cupcake #50 **sold**

Such a grown up cupcake, subtle, yet not simple. The colors are marvelous, chartreuse and taupe. One of the color theory lessons that I remember clearly from school was the question, "can you name 5 ways to change a color?" The answers were to add white (a tint) add black (a shade) add it's complement (to neutralize) add an analogous color which shifts the color entirely. But the tricky answer was "change the color around it." This is a great example of how the surrounding color affects the green, a deep neutral was chosen which allows the green to sing!
And for those who are really paying attention, there will be a perfect match to this one coming up in a couple of days! You'd think there would be a little more fanfare and horn blowing for the 50th cupcake! But this is the first of many milestones, so keep on checking in, and tell a friend!

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