Friday, January 29, 2010

Cupcake #88 **sold**

This sunny yellow piece is sure to brighten someones day! A coconut cupcake surrounded by one of those colors that makes you a little happier just looking at it. This would be a great addition to a group, or for that matter a great piece to start a collection! Now while I have your attention, we have some announcements to make. Starting Monday we are going to start posting our daily cupcake a little later in the day, closer to noon EST to give the folks on the west coast a chance to wake up and have a coffee. That will even the playing field a little and give everyone a chance to get the cupcake of the day! And in case you haven't looked at your calendar lately, we only have 10 more cupcakes before Valentines day! And frankly, the last 5 will be a little iffy as far as getting them shipped in time. But we have other options, we will have gift certificates available for Valentine's, just email me for information. Or you could always take a peek in our zazzle store, the cupcake ties are fabulous! Just click here to see what we have!


Have a great day, and we'll see you Monday!

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