Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cupcake #360 **sold**

A cool crisp blue surrounds this elegant white cupcake. The topping is thin crinkled layers of fondant, probably a miraculous achievement in the world of baking! The cool blues and white combined with that layer of minty green somehow remind me of toothpaste, an odd connection for sure. But the idea of a collection of these cupcakes in a dentist's office always makes me grin!
Now as we move towards the final 5 cupcakes we have some announcements to make. We are heading off to a show in Boca Raton, FL this weekend, so this is the last cupcake we will post this week. We will start again on Tuesday with #361 and post one each day with the last one going up on Saturday at as close to noon(EST) as I can muster. We've had a few requests to pre-purchase the last cupcake, but we are going to have to refrain from any favoritism and rely on the first come first serve method once I post. Good luck, and come back on Tuesday!

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