Monday, May 10, 2010

Cupcake #168 **sold**

A new fruit! Two slices of mango top this little cupcake, and it's surrounded by a pure polka dottie red, that practically leaps off the wall. To the human eye, warm colors like oranges and reds seem to "come forward" where as cool colors like blues and greens recede. An optical illusion that is used extensively in the real world, this is why stop signs and fire trucks are red, same with having a red piece of cloth hanging off the back of the last log on a logging truck! If you have a collection of cupcakes, you'll want a few bright red ones scatted throughout, this will help the eye move around the group, and make for a pleasing composition. Or if this will be your only cupcake, it will definitely get noticed in a room! Enjoy!

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